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Motorcycle Glossary

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SERVICE OF PROCESS- Providing a formal notice to the defendant that orders him to appear in court to answer plaintiff’s allegations. 

SHAFT DRIVE- A final drive system on some motorcycles that utilizes a shaft to transmit power to the rear wheel, as opposed to a chain.

SOHC- Single Over Head Cam. A single cam shaft found in the head or top of the engine that activates the valves.

SPORT BIKE- A focused motorcycle designed for speed and handling. These machines are usually equipped with aerodynamic bodywork.

SPORT-TOURER- A motorcycle that combines some of the handling and power of a sport bike, with some of the amenities of a touring bike, like saddlebags, comfortable ergonomics, etc. Not as focused as either a pure sport bike or a pure tourer.

SQUID- A term generally associated with a new or reckless motorcyclist seen riding erratically and/or beyond his or her capabilities.

SNELL RATING- A foundation formed in 1957, is the world’s most popular independent motorcycle helmet testing organization. A Snell rating on a helmet, indicated by a sticker inside the helmet, states that the helmet has passed performance tests.

- A motorcycle intended for general, all-around street use, typically with an upright seating posture and higher handlebars.

- Tends to be a motorcycle without frills such as saddlebags, windshield, radio, or trunk. It is the cheapest to buy and usually has small rake and trail.

STATUE OF LIMITATIONS- The time period within which a plaintiff must file his action against the defendant. This time frame varies by state. In North Carolina, the statute of limitations is three years.

STRETCH- Used by those that customize motorcycles; an expression of how much a tank or frame has been elongated from its stock design.

STRICT LIABILITY- The defendant is liable to the plaintiff regardless of fault.

SUBPOENA- A form issued by the court requiring someone to appear in court and/or bring documents. (Also referred to as a “Summons.”)

SUPERMOTTO- Generally, a style of motorcycle usually built around, and looking like, off-road machines with street tires. They tend to be very light, flickable machines, and are used in a new genre of racing that usually encompasses riding on a mixture of pavement and dirt surfaces.

SUSHI WAGON- An import motorcycle of Japanese origin.


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