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Motorcycle Glossary

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PMS- (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome)- A condition suffered by male or female when they can’t ride their motorcycle due to bad weather.

PEREMPTORY CHALLENGE- A challenge to a particular juror that requires no reason. Normally an attorney has a limited number of these challenges.

PERSONAL PROPERTY- Defined by the law as “things movable.” This is distinguished from the term “real property,” which includes things such as trees, buildings and land.

PETCOCK- The fuel valve, usually found on the side of the gas tank.

PETITION- A formal request that the court take some action; a complaint. 

PILLION (or P-Pad)- A small cushion designed for carrying a passenger mounted behind a solo saddle.

PLAINTIFF- The party bringing the case against another. 

PLEADING- The process of making formal, written statements by the litigants. All papers filed with the court are collectively referred to as “pleadings.” 

PRECEDENT- The value that a completed case has on deciding future cases.

PROCESS SERVING- The method by which a defendant in a lawsuit is notified that a plaintiff has filed a suit against him.

PRODUCT LIABILITY- A type of strict liability in which the manufacturer or seller is strictly liable for injuries caused by defective products.

PRO SE- On one’s own behalf; not using an attorney. 

PUNITIVE DAMAGES- Damages given for the purpose of punishing the defendant.


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