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Connecticut Motorcycle Accident

Eastern Connecticut residents: 'Think' when you drive

By: Brian Wallheimer

"A week of deadly motorcycle and car accidents in Eastern Connecticut has residents thinking about safety on the roads.

"You have to drive defensively nowadays because people just don't pay attention," Jon Homski, 47, of Norwich said Saturday.

Homski said he notices too many people talking on hand-held cell phones -- which is illegal in Connecticut -- eating and a number of things that distract them from driving properly. He said increased traffic, due to the casinos, hasn't helped either.

"The road isn't made to handle all this traffic," Homski said.

The most vulnerable drivers are on motorcycles, at the mercy of the larger and more durable cars around them.

"It just makes me a defensive rider," Adam Hilyer, 30, of Norwich said of riding a motorcycle after hearing about two biker fatalities since Thursday in the region. "All you can do is just stay on your toes and be conscious of what's going on around you."

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